About Us

  • We are a property management company serving the GTA region and will take care of all your day-to-day management tasks.
  • We are dedicated in carrying out operations and maintenance of the property according to the owner’s requirements.
  • By minimizing costs and maximizing returns, we will protect your property’s value and increase its profitability.
  • By maintaining the communication triangle between the property owner, the property manager and the tenant, we will ensure a harmonious relationship. We will do this by keeping you up-to-date via regular financial reports of your properties.

We will ensure a balance between responsibility and service by achieving the trust and good-will of the property owner and the tenants.

We will endeavour to achieve the trust and good will of hte property owner and the tenant.



Our experience in construction management, real estate and the demand of our clientele base for providing property management services has led us into establishing a sister company exclusively for providing professional property management services.

We are backed with an extensive network of professionals from contractors to legal experts built over a number of years in managing construction projects and properties. This gives us a cutting edge on providing you with the best services, and prtecting and maximizing your property returns.